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"I've dropped my kids off in the morning walking out of Stellar confident that they are well cared for and that they'd have fun and productive days."

"I have 3 kids. Oldest graduated 2 years ago and 2 little ones are still there. I don't have enough words to say how much I love this school and teachers."

"The faculty are also very caring and friendly with both students and parents. Longevity in my book is what counts and most staff have been there since day 1."

"We love Stellar. The teachers are all amazing. This was the only school I trusted when we enrolled our 1st daughter and soon our 2nd will be starting!"

"Highly recommend this school. The staff is amazing. The teachers are always involved with the children and my daughter learned so much!"




The Learning Zones at Stellar Academy provide opportunities that foster each and every intelligence, leading to a lifetime of successful living and learning. Researchers have redefined the idea of a single static intelligence. There are eight intelligences or ways of perceiving and interacting with the world. Each of these intelligences are nurtured at Stellar Academy.


Our youngest children are nurtured in a room that is especially designed to stimulate their physical, emotional and social development.  Each child has a crib to call his or her own. Individually crafted feeding and sleeping schedules assure our babies a healthy and happy start at Stellar Academy. 



Your young toddler spends his or her day in the zone known as "Toddler Heaven". In this cozy sanctuary of exploration, your child will blossom. Activities that promote all eight intelligences are provided in a curriculum written especially for our youngest stars.



Stellar is equipped with an outside play area for the children to enjoy. The Hillsborough location has a large great room for indoor play activities.


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