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Listed below are the words of actual Stellar Parents we have recieved:

"Under your guidance and care our child has blossomed into a very well-rounded and well-adjusted young person."

"Just a note to thank you for all the care, dedication, warmth, and sense of fun you have all shown to our daughter. We are so happy that she was part of the Stellar Academy family and began her academic journey at this wonderful school."

"Our boy has truly enjoyed coming to school each day and learning something new!"

"Thank you for providing such a rich and nurturing environment for our child. I truly felt 200% confident each day that I left him that he was in “good hands”. Our children deserve to have more caring people such as you."

"Stellar Academy has been so much more to us and him then simply a school. It has been a second family."

"Like every other apprehensive parent, I found myself on the first day of school, rushing to pick him up, only to find that our son did not want to leave the warmth of the Stellar staff and go home with mommy!"

"Dr. Maggie, your insight and experience are invaluable and we wanted you to know how much we appreciate it!"

"My husband and I have become big fans of Stellar more now than ever before! I feel that my child is receiving not only the love and care needed but also an understanding of the power of learning in a 'Stellar' way! Children are like sponges, they absorb everything and more. We feel that Stellar is doing a very good job of providing the right exposure and opportunity to ease them into the process of assimilating all that they can and desire to! I sincerely appreciate your efforts and the efforts of all teachers and care-givers at Stellar for making Stellar a 'Learning Heaven'. I am proud to be  a Stellar parent!"

"I can't thank you and the staff enough for the wonderful time my son has had at Stellar Academy.  The professionalism of the entire staff, the outstanding programming, and the sense of caring individuals that exudes from every classroom has been overwhelming.  This facility was most appropriate named "Stellar" as that is apparent in every aspect." 

"My child has grown tremendously socially and intellectually during her time at Stellar Academy."

"Thanks for taking such great care of my little girl! "

"I thought that it would only be fair for me to let you know what an amazing staff you have."

"I just had to tell you what an excellent job you are doing teaching math. My son absolutely loves it and has become a whiz at the number lines! Thank you so much for helping him prepare for success in math."

"Dr. Maggie - THANK YOU.  It seems like such an understatement, but I so appreciate your help and insight. Thank you so very much.  You are extremely wise and special."

"Dr. Maggie, thank you very much for the updates - they really help us keep in touch with what our daughter is doing at Stellar Academy and the idea of spotlighting a particular zone and describing its educational philosophy in more detail is very helpful in understanding specific skills our kids are learning and need to work on at home too. It makes it easier to coordinate our efforts. Thanks, keep up the good work."

"I was so amazed to see my daughter’s knowledge of numbers. She shows lots of interest in addition and counting. Can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you are doing."

"We were extremely nervous putting our first born in daycare, but after meeting each of the women in the Infant room and seeing first hand how great they are at care-giving, we were so happy with the choice we made in daycare."

"We have seen our daughter grow and learn so much at your happy school. It has been a truly precious experience for all of our family, especially our daughter.  We are grateful to you and her wonderful teachers. No words can describe how much our family will miss Stellar Academy."

"Stellar is the most wonderful school in every sense of the word.  My 11 and 9 year old sons are constantly asking me why I did not enroll them in a school like yours.  Even they realize how lucky their sister is to be able to be part of your school family."

"By the way,  would you pass along that our son is the best reader in his class and he just won an award yesterday for being the only first grader to read every word on a list of 240!" 

"If in the future we find a place as wonderful as Stellar, we will consider ourselves blessed. We appreciate the staff that works to organize Stellar and has given Emily a wonderful place to learn and grow."

"I can understand and could feel it what the school means to you. The care and affection for your children, the involement and sincere hard work could be seen in every corner of the school. I really loved the philosophy of the school, the Alphabet Soup, the Discovery Zone and specially the MIT- wow I wish I could stay in this lovely school and be a part of it."

"We wanted to thank all the teachers in there for the exceptional care our boy has received over the past year .  We were extremely nervous putting our first born in daycare, but after meeting each of the women in the Infant room and seeing first hand how great they are at caregiving, we were so happy with the choice we made in daycare."  

"Throughout the next six months, we really enjoyed getting to know the caregivers.  Each day we were greeted with a smile.  In addition, they shared with us all the great things that he did during the day.  We always enjoyed their company and conversation.  The activities and songs that the caregivers led have helped him learn and develop.  The room is filled with energy and warmth and it is a result of these four wonderful women.  These teachers played a huge role in our son's first year and we will be forever grateful for all that they did."

"I wish to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Your teachers have taught both of my sons to be joyful, to be playful, and to be independent and how to express empathy for others.  You have helped them become smart and strong.  You have taught them about their world, about others and our wonderful differences; you taught them to dance, to sing and to love music.  You have taught them to read, to write, to add, subtract (the oldest can give a great Venn Diagram example!!) and to express their opinions.  Steve has made their bodies strong in Olympics and they have created their own masterpieces in the Louvre.  All is enormously treasured."

"There are no words to adequately convey the feelings I have for each of you and the depth of the gratitude I have for all you and all your teachers have done for both of my sons.  From my very first day at Stellar, handing him off to the Infant ladies, unable to speak to them through my tears; to the joyful toddler years with the ladies in there, the Polar Bear teachers actually getting him potty trained (never thought that would happen!) through the absolutely wonderful pre-K years with the women in MMI-  through each and every day over six years, culminating in this last fantastic year my boy had as a Kindergartner and the beautiful ceremony of his  graduation yesterday, Stellar has built the foundation for his future success."

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