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A Message from the Founder and Education Director,

Thank you for your interest in Stellar Academy.  I believe this is a very exciting time for your child’s education.  The 1990’s were labeled the “decade of the brain” and the research that was done to understand how the brain processes information has been translated into educational practice.  Stellar Academy takes pride in utilizing this knowledge in our Learning Zones Program.

We know that the preschool years are a vital time in your child’s development.   A lifelong love of learning, a strong self-image, a desire to explore and not fear failure and a connection to others, is only a sampling of the traits that develop in the preschool years.  At Stellar Academy, we understand that everything we do or don’t do affects children.  We also understand that school readiness means preparing your child not only academically, but also socially and emotionally.

How do we do this?  At Stellar Academy we immerse your child in each of the eight intelligences (Musical/Rhythmic, Verbal/Linguistic, Logical/Mathematical, Visual/Spatial, Bodily/Kinesthetic, Naturalist, Interpersonal, and Intrapersonal).   Although we do not know the future or what direction our children’s talents will take them, we do know that early childhood is a critical time to awaken your child’s intelligences.  Musical and artistic abilities need to be nurtured as do problem-solving and interpersonal skills.   Your child will delight in our carefully crafted Learning Zones that utilized age-appropriate activities and “play with a purpose” to strengthen and enhance each intelligence.


Unlike other daycare facilities, we realize that one care giver cannot successfully meet the academic and emotional needs of all the children in the room.  At Stellar Academy, we eliminate this problem by ‘defining’ the areas of responsibility for our staff.  Our Zone Teaching Specialists concentrate on creating and administering the best age-appropriate curriculum in their specific zone.  They work hand-in-hand with our Developmental Specialists, who remain with the children as they explore each zone.  Our Developmental Specialists’ main responsibility is the physical and emotional needs of your child.   The Teaching Specialists and Developmental Specialists work under my direct supervision.  Together, we make a dynamic team, able to start your child onto a path of future success and love of learning.


Again, thank you for your interest in Stellar Academy.  We truly appreciate the opportunity to nurture your brightest star!                                                  

Maggie Buley Ph.D.

Our Mission Statement

At Stellar Academy we believe that every child should have experiences in MUSIC, ART & SPORT as well as MATH, SCIENCE, LITERACY & LANGUAGES. We believe every child deserves the opportunity to build skills in COMPROMISE, SELF-CONTROL & PROBLEM-SOLVING.

Our History

Stellar Academy has been offering high quality childcare since 2004. Our low staff turnover rates and years of experience allow us to provide the best environment for your growing child. We have a school in Bridgewater, NJ and another school in Hillsborough, NJ.

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