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Our Teaching Specialists are experts in providing enriching lessons and fun-filled activities for your child that open the 'window of opportunity" that exists in the early years.

In order to create the optimum environment for your child in the areas of math/problem solving, dance/movement, science, literacy, music, art, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, we have teachers who are dedicated to teaching in each of these areas (intelligences). Our Specialists have a passion for the intelligence they specialize in.

Staff development for our Zone Specialists ensures that they are informed of the latest advances in brain-based learning and child development. These teachers work closely with Dr. Maggie to plan and execute a curriculum that is unsurpassed in the development of each intelligence as well as promoting the emotional health of each child.

We know that the expertise and dedication of our Zone Specialists, who facilitate each of our Learning Zones, is one reason why Stellar Academy is the ultimate environment for your child.

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